Creative video is an essential tool for marketing your business. Video has proven to be a versatile and profitable digital marketing tool. Businesses are increasingly aware of the importance of video in their marketing strategy.

Video is an important tool on every digital platform. 

  • Video increases audience engagement and reach.

  • Email and the open rates increase when video is included. 

  • Social media posts with video content are more likely to be viewed and shared.


Meaningful and engaging video will make you stand out in a very busy digital marketplace and put you ahead of the competition.

I can also offer bespoke photography and video packages.

  • Product video

  • Video prospectuses 

  • Social media optimised video (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter)

  • Business Profile video 

  • Testimonial video

  • Instructional video

  • Explainer video

  • Event videography 

  • Presentations and vlogs

  • Bespoke video and photography packages

These are just some of the photography services I offer. Contact me to find out about other services on offer.